Arbeitskreis Israel/Palästina e.V. Bonn
- Verein -
The Study Group on Israel/Palestine in Bonn was founded in June 2001 because of the continuing escalation of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Within the group, members of initiatives and associations as well as individuals work together to analyse causes and consequences of the Middle East conflict. We support peace activities in Palestine and Israel.
The Study Group has a particular focus on the flawed and often biased perception of the conflict in public opinion in Germany, and the lack of proposals for its solution. Our aim, therefore, is
  • to increase awareness about the realities on the ground and
  • to support efforts by local Israeli and Palestinian initiatives for the promotion of peace and human rights.
Our activities include seminars, vigils and panel discussions. We want to encourage all efforts to reduce violence and protect civilians in Israel and in Palestine. Our particular focus is on NGOs, both Palestinian and Israeli, who engage in the search for peace.

We fully endorse the State of Israels right to exist, and the rights of its inhabitants to live in peace and security. We equally endorse the right to exist of a Palestinian State and the right of its inhabitants to live in peace and security. However, we realise that since the foundation of the State of Israel, Palestinians have time and again been victims of human rights violations. Even those who hold Israeli passports suffer from discrimination, violence and confiscation of land. In Gaza and on the West Bank, Palestinians are subject to a regime of military occupation and repression violating international law.
We recognise that Palestinians, faced with repression and military occupation, have a right to resist. Legitimate resistance is not equivalent to terrorism. Acts of revenge and the retribution from both sides create a cycle of terror and violence. They are bound to disrupt all endeavours for peace.

We are convinced that only a resolution of the conflict based on justice can bring security and lasting peace to all the people in the region. Therefore, we advocate the implementation of all the United Nations resolutions

  • to acknowledge the Palestinian peoples right of self-determination,
  • to end the occupation of Palestinian territories, which is contrary to international law,
  • to create a sovereign, independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital,
  • to stop illegal settlements, to vacate the existing ones and to return the land to its lawful owners,
  • to work jointly towards a fair solution of the refugee problem.

We feel committed to pursue these aims in mutual solidarity with the people of Israel and Palestine. For our efforts, we hope to gain support and cooperation from like-minded groups and individuals.

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